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Annual Conference 2022

30 Nov - 1 Dec (online) / 2 Dec (in person)

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Racial Justice

and the role of Law Centres
in dismantling systemic racism

Join us

Law Centres were inspired by the American Civil Rights movement in the 1960s and abide by its core values of equality, dignity, respect, and justice. Our first Law Centres grew up with the fights for racial justice at the Mangrove, in Notting Hill, in New Cross, in Tottenham, in Brixton, in Liverpool, in Bristol.

Today, Law Centres continue to stand in solidarity with all those united in the struggle against racism and the fight for justice. But statements of solidarity are not enough, self-examination is not enough.


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Structural racism is well-established. To dismantle it, we need to find its weak spots and aim for those. Join us.


From the U.S., we are privileged to be hearing from civil rights Attorneys Ben Crump and Jasmine Rand, who will discuss their work representing families of people killed by police, alongside class actions and everyday challenges to racist decisions that deny black peoples’ rights.

Alvin Starks, director of strategic initiatives at NAACP and director Open Society’s US Equality team, together with Lester Holloway, editor of the U.K.’s only black-led media outlet, The Voice, will discuss what they have seen over the last 40 years of the fight for racial justice in the U.S. and the U.K.

What's On

Over 2 days, there will be 6 plenary online conversations with Law Centres, community activists and leaders in the fight for racial justice. Structural racism, the cost of living crisis, and health inequality will be examined together with the areas of intersection with Law Centres’ work - in housing, immigration, welfare rights, etc.

On Friday, Law Centres will finally come together, in person, for a facilitated day of workshops to make practical the ideas arising from what we’ve heard.

And we will laugh, (maybe sing), argue, plot, remember those who are no longer with us, and be proud, once again, of who we are and what we do as the family of Law Centres.

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True peace is not the absence of conflict.... but the presence of justiceMartin Luther King


Along with many of our colleagues and friends, leading us will be....

Alvin Starks

Open Society Foundations-New York

Amina Lone

Social Action and Research Foundation

Cllr Anntoinette Bramble

London Borough of Hackney

Ben Crump

Ben Crump Law

Grace Brown

Garden Court Chambers

Professor Dame Hazel Genn

University College London

Kerry McCarthy


Jasmine Rand

Rand Law LLC

Lalitha Try

Resolution Foundation

Lara Oyedele

Black on Board Ltd

Lester Holloway

The Voice Media Group

Baroness Martha Osamor

House of Lords

Nadine Smith

Social Finance

Rachelle Angeline

Social Finance

Sam Mackay


Sem Moema

London Assembly

Dr Shabna Begum

The Runnymede Trust

Tracey Gyateng

Justice Lab, The Legal Education Foundation

Zita Holbourne

BARAC-Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts




In Person


Build your own agenda and connect with other delegates

Helen Rogers (Chair of LCN / Head of Pro Bono, Allen & Overy),

Dr. I. Stephanie Boyce (Hon. Causa) (Past President, Law Society of England and Wales)

Ngaryan Li (Senior Solicitor/Centre Director, Vauxhall Community Law & Information Centre),

Lalitha Try (Researcher, Resolution Foundation),

Dr Shabna Begum (Head of Research, The Runnymede Trust),

Rachelle Angeline (Manager, Social Finance),

Cllr Anntoinette Bramble (Deputy Leader, Local Government Association and Deputy Mayor, London Borough of Hackney)

Pamela Robotham (Director/Solicitor, Greenwich Housing Rights),

Amina Lone (Director, Social Action and Research Foundation),

Lara Oyedele (President, Chartered Institute of Housing , Black on Board Ltd ),

Sem Moema (Member for North East (Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest) - Labour and Cooperative Party, London Assembly)

Franck Kiangala (Director/Solicitor, North Kensington Law Centre),

Alvin Starks (Director, Strategic Initiatives (NAACP) and Director, US Equality Team, Open Society Foundations-New York),

Lester Holloway (Editor, The Voice Media Group),

Grace Brown (Barrister, Garden Court Chambers)

Miranda Grell (Barrister, Staple Inn Chambers and African, Caribbean and Asian Lawyers for Justice),

Ben Crump (Attorney, President & Founder, Ben Crump Law),

Jasmine Rand (Civil Rights Activist/Law Professor and Attorney, Rand Law LLC)

Just for Kids Law

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Advice Services Alliance (ASA)


Jason Tetley (Director, Greater Manchester Law Centre),

Baroness Martha Osamor (Community activist, campaigner and Labour peer, House of Lords),

Zita Holbourne (Trade unionist, community & human rights campaigner and activist, BARAC-Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts)

Alex Charles (IT and Digital Officer / Data Lead, Law Centres Network),

Tracey Gyateng (Community Data Principal, Justice Lab, The Legal Education Foundation),

Kerry McCarthy (Consultant, KClarity),

Sam Mackay (Director, Apteligen)

Melanie Gonga (Director & Head of Legal Practice, Springfield Law Centre),

Professor Dame Hazel Genn (Director UCL Centre for Access to Justice, University College London),

Nadine Smith (Director, Social Finance)

In Person

Julie Bishop (Director, Law Centres Network)

Kate Bradley (Housing Caseworker and Campaigns Officer, Greater Manchester Law Centre),

Hilton von Herbert (Immigration Supervisor, Ealing Law Centre),

Aké Achi (CEO, Black Europeans),

Franck Kiangala (Director/Solicitor, North Kensington Law Centre)

Patrycja Pinkowska (Community Engagement Officer, Law Centres Network),

Richard Johnson (Director, Social Inclusion Recovery Group-S.I.R.G.),

Carole Johnson (Executive Coordinator, Social Inclusion Recovery Group-S.I.R.G.),

Sabrina Dixon (Executive Director, Social Inclusion Recovery Group-S.I.R.G.),

Subira Cameron-Goppy (Windrush Justice Clinic Co-Coordinator, Claudia Jones Organisation)

Dr Marie Burton (Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford University, Faculty of Law)

Lord Anthony Gifford KC (Associate) (Doughty Street)

Laura Chilintan (Projects Manager, Law Centres Network),

Sally Robertson (Barrister, Cloisters),

Audrey Ludwig (Director, Suffolk Law Centre)

Simon Brown (Head of Income Generation and Service Development, Law Centres Network),

Siobhan Taylor-Ward (Solicitor, Vauxhall Community Law and Information Centre),

Denisa Gannon (Solicitor, Central England Law Centre)

Julie Bishop (Director, Law Centres Network)